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Sol Invictus (band)

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Sol Invictus
Sol Invictus in 2005
Sol Invictus in 2005
Background information
OriginLondon, England
Years active1987–present
MembersTony Wakeford
Renee Rosen
Caroline Jago
Lesley Malone
Eilish McCraken
Past membersIan Read
Liz Gray
Gary Smith
Karl Blake
Eric Rodgers
Sarah Bradshaw
Nick Hall
Céline Marleix-Bardeau
Nathalie Van Keymeulen
David Mellor
Andrew King
Guy Harries
Lloyd James

Sol Invictus are a British neofolk band formed by Tony Wakeford in 1987.[1] Wakeford has been the sole constant member of the group since its inception, although numerous musicians have contributed and collaborated with him under the Sol Invictus name over the years.


Prior to forming Sol Invictus, Tony Wakeford had co-founded the band Death in June. In early 1984, Wakeford had been a supporter of the National Front (UK), and was fired from Death in June for "bringing his 'right-wing leanings into the group'.[2] Subsequently, he formed Above the Ruins, a post-punk band which became controversial due to its association with right-wing politics.[3] In 1987, Wakeford distanced himself from these views, and formed Sol Invictus,[3] adapting the band's name from a cult that predated Christianity.[4] In 1990, Wakeford formed his own record label, Tursa. With distribution by World Serpent Distribution, Tursa released numerous albums by Sol Invictus, starting with Trees in Winter.[3] After World Serpent dissolved in the 2000s, Cold Spring began distributing the band's albums.[3]

Due to Wakeford's past political associations, Sol Invictus has been accused of neo-fascism.[5] Wakeford initially denied ever having been a member of the National Front or Above the Ruins, but later admitted to having been a member of both.[2] In 2007, Wakeford described his National Front membership as "probably the worst decision of my life".[6]

Musical style[edit]

According to AllMusic biographer Paul Simpson, "Sol Invictus is one of the most prolific and influential bands associated with neo-folk or apocalyptic folk".[3] The band's music combines acoustic guitar playing and "neo-classical instrumentation" with elements of industrial music.[3] Tony Wakeford uses the phrase "folk noir" to describe his music.[3] Sol Invictus' debut album, Against the Modern World (1988), displayed a post-punk sound which incorporated elements of what was later termed martial industrial.[3] According to Peter Webb, the band's first four albums use a "very raw and basic" sound consisting of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and drums which "evoke a premodern world that deals with a variety of subject matter from paganism, to England's quirkiness, to anti-Americanism, and looking to the traditions of Europe."[4] The band had considerable interest in heathen and Mithraist themes, often with an explicit antipathy to Christianity, reflecting the involvement of Wakeford and other members in neopagan groups.[7] The band's lyrics display a pessimistic, apathetic view towards modern society.[3][5] Their later albums are marked by more personal lyrical themes,[3] and expand their sound with cello, violin, orchestral drums, flute, and harp.[4]


Year Title Format, special notes
1987 Against the Modern World Mini-LP
1989 In the Jaws of the Serpent Live LP
1989 Lex Talionis Part of box set with Current 93 and Nurse with Wound
1989 Fields 12" with Current 93 and Nurse With Wound
1990 Sol Veritas Lux CD
1990 Abattoirs of Love 7"
1990 Lex Talionis CD
1990 Trees in Winter CD/LP
1991 The Killing Tide CD/LP
1992 Death in June/Current 93/Sol Invictus Live CD with Death in June and Current 93
1992 Looking for Europe 7"
1992 The Lamp of the Invisible Light 7" compilation track
1992 Somewhere in Europe/See the Dove Fall 7"
1992 Let Us Prey Live CD
1992 King & Queen CD
1994 The Death of the West CD
1994 Black Europe Live CD
1995 In the Rain CD
1997 The Blade CD
1998 In Europa Live CD
1998 All Things Strange and Rare Compilation CD
1999 In a Garden Green CD
2000 Trieste Live CD
2000 The Hill of Crosses CD
2000 Eve 7"
2001 Brugge Live concert, 1996-02-03
2002 Thrones CD
2003 The Giddy Whirls of Centuries Compilation CD
2004 The Angel Compilation CD
2005 The Devil's Steed CD
2006 Walking in the Rain on the Ostrow Tumski Compilation CD
2010 The Bad Luck Bird/Stella Maris 7"
2011 The Cruellest Month CD (Studio album)
2014 Once Upon a Time CD (Studio album)
2017 Ghostly Whistlings Compilation 10"
2018 Necropolis CD (Studio album)


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